The Secret to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

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In order to refinish your kitchen cabinets you must first decide whether they are still in good enough quality that it is worth the investment. Refinishing will be much cheaper than replacing the cabinets, however if there is structural or water damage it will not fix these issues so you should consider replacing them.

To refinish your kitchen cabinets, whether you are staining or painting them, you must first remove everything from the cabinets. This includes taking off the hardware and the door handles. If there is paint on any of the hinges consider removing it as will give an overall cleaner look when finished. The best way to remove the hardware in your kitchen is to put it in a crock-pot with hot water and laundry detergent and leave it for 8 hours. After this process the paint will come off easily. If there is no paint on the hinges then it is still a good idea to clean them with soap and water, as this will freshen them up and give a more polished look when done. It is also a good time to do it, as you will likely not take hinges off just to clean them in the future.

Once you have all of your doors off and your cupboards clean and empty it is time to refinish your cabinets. Whether you have decided to paint them or to stain them you will need to sand them down first. If there is an existing coat of paint on them you may need to remove it, especially if you are planning on staining them. This can be a time consuming activity. If you are stripping your cabinets from paint indoors make sure to leave your windows open allowing for the maximum amount of ventilation.

If you are choosing to paint your cabinets ensure that you fill in any dents before starting. Next you must prime your cabinets this will help to make the color you are painting them the most authentic as it will not be muddled by dark cabinet doors. A good rule of thumb when choosing a primer is to choose one with the same base as the paint you will be using. When painting it is good to do more lighter coats rather then one heaver one, this will give a more even consistent aesthetic to the cabinets.

To refinish your kitchen cabinets can give a completely new aesthetic to the room!

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