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Kitchen cupboard doors come in many different varieties with different levels of detailing that can add to your kitchen’s aesthetic. There are an almost unlimited variety of detailing you can find on the face of cupboard doors. Here will go over a few of the most popular.

A flat door, like the name indicates has a single and plain front and involves the least amount of detailing and constriction often making them less expensive. They are simple and clean and add to a crisp modern aesthetic.

A shaker or mission style door has a solid frame around the edge with an inset panel behind it is quite simple and diverse adding a classic look that will last a lifetime.

A Raised panel door is among the most popular. This detail has a chamfered edge cut way in a square shape in the center of the door. They are simple but classic and can add a great long lasting touch to any kitchen. They tend to lean to the more traditional styles but are still quite versatile.

Some common variations to the inset or raised panel doors are the arch panel. These kitchen cupboard doors have an arch at the top of the cut out instead of a flat edge. There is also a cathedral arch, with a more detailed arch at the top.

A glass door, in itself can come in many different styles. It can have varying amounts of mullions in different shapes. Traditionally they come in a clear or frosted glass but you can also get them stained so you can decide weather you would like to see what is behind them. This option is very versatile and can look either quite modern or traditional depending on the detailing.

A beaded shaker door has an inset panel with linier relief cuts detailing the inset portion. This cabinet is great for a more traditional or country kitchen look.

A louvered door has a solid frame with a louvered detail inset from the back. This door is quite traditional and ornate. Be careful to keep other elements of your kitchen subdued when using this door, as it can be heavy handed.

When choosing your kitchen cupboard doors remember that more ornate detailing will make your kitchen look more traditional. Also keep in mind that the more detailing and groves create more areas to catch and retain everyday dirt and they can also be more difficult to reface or finish in the future.

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