To Patina or Not to Patina with Copper Kitchen Sinks

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Copper kitchen sinks are a beautiful, unique and interesting way to enhance your kitchen. The material copper is gorgeous, think of gazing at a skyline with charming green roofs scattered among it each one looking slightly different from the next. This unique and varied quality is because copper patinas, instead of rusting like many metals when it is exposed to air, water and other everyday elements; it oxidizes developing a green coating that changes with time. This makes copper a living finish, meaning one day when you see your copper sink it may have a beautiful green tinge all over and the next day it may have been exposed to an element that restored one area back to its original finish, starting the patenting process in that area all over again.

Whether or not you will enjoy this evolving and ever changing development or will find it irritating that your sink does not stay the same and that you can not control the appearance will be key to deciding if a copper kitchen sink is right for you! There are many websites that boast quick and easy patina repair kits, which signal that there are lots of people love the look of copper that has patinated but want to control where and when this patina will appear. You could spend your whole life retouching a copper kitchen sink patina however part of the fun of a living material is seeing it evolve and knowing the process is not permanent.

Keep in mind that harsh chemical cleaners and acidic foods like oranges or lemons will strip the patina if you leave them in your sink. If you love copper but have no interest in seeing it patina you can still get a copper sink – just make sure it is sealed before you buy it!

Apart from the interesting evolutionary qualities of copper it does have other pros and cons that you will want to keep in mind. Copper is antimicrobial meaning it naturally resists bacteria perfect for a high use area like the kitchen. It is also 100% recyclable leading to a greener world and a higher resale value on your home. Copper sinks are incredibly diverse and can often come in many more styles that traditional sinks making it easy to add a personal touch to your kitchen. However it is important to ensure that you purchase a high gauge copper (14-16) as lower gauges will warp and dent.

Before purchasing also take a look at how the edges are connected, are they welded or soldered – soldered will develop dark rust in the corners that will make your copper sink look dirty over time. This can make copper kitchen sinks expensive so you want to make sure they are the right investment for you before purchasing!

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