Warm and Classic Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Natural Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

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Cherry kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen a traditional and classic look. Cherry is a dark wood with red undertones that makes a strong statement with its bold appearance. When using cherry make sure that you complement the dark wood with light walls and flooring to help create a visual balance and areas of relief for your eye to rest.

Cherry has a straight grain that makes it easy for machinery to work with however it can be difficult to stain and can turn out blotchy if you are not careful – most new cabinets will come stained but keep this in mind if you plan on refinishing them down the road.  The straight lines in the grain also emphasize its classic appearance and create visual continuity making the cabinets look uniform. This consistent appearance allows you to bring texture into the room in other ways such as a granular counter top pattern.

A great thing about this wood is that it is very durable and resistant to decaying or rotting so it will be a long lasting choice. Cherry has a lot of sapwood, the outer part of the tree, which is living and has sap flowing through it making it moist and unusable to woodworkers, which can cause a lot of waste when manufacturing the cabinets. Cherry also has a distinctive scent, which can engage another sense in the design of your kitchen. If you choose a black cherry it will turn darker reddish brown as it ages.

Cherry kitchen cabinets are often associated with more traditional kitchens as the dark and well recognizable wood has been popular for decades. To emphasis this traditional aesthetic pick doors with lots of detailing.  If you love cherry but are going for a more contemporary kitchen aesthetic try pairing it with crisp white countertops and stainless steel appliances. Playing with the shape, height and type of cabinets can also make the wood look less traditional. Regardless of the style use the red undertones to your advantage by picking your other materials to be warm neutrals with similar but subtle red undertones.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets are an investment but since the wood is very durable they will be worth the cost. If you love the look of Cherry but aren’t ready to pay the price for it try staining your cabinets with a similar finish as the most distinctive characteristic is the color you can get a similar aesthetic for a portion of the price.

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