A Wicker Side Table Says, “Home”

Wicker Patio Side Table

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​A side table is such a useful and convenient piece of furniture to have, serving as a wonderful piece of furniture in indoor areas like living rooms, family rooms, and dens. They also serve very well in outdoor areas like porches and patio areas. However, when you choose to have a wicker side table, something very special happens: the magic that is wicker changes the entire room or space into one that is extremely homey and cozy. That little table can hold your iced tea and treasured photo frames, the book you’re currently reading and your eye glasses. Depending on the style of table you choose, your wicker side table could also afford you some much-needed storage. And with the wide variety of choices in types of wicker, you truly can have a wicker side table in whatever living space you desire.

There is nothing like wicker. It’s cozy, chic, airy, and sturdy—all at the same time. Wicker has amazingly mutable quality of being able to fit with antique, country, vintage, shabby-chic, and contemporary motifs. A wicker side table makes a highly interesting piece in virtually any room. Wicker side tables come in multiple styles—a more traditional table with a top and legs, an enclosed table with doors that allow for storage, an open table with a shelf on the bottom on which various items can be kept, a wicker table with a glass top, and the wicker trunk (which offers tons of storage for your wares). These just name a few of the styles of wicker side tables. With all the various styles of wicker tables and many types of wicker, you can have a unique and utilitarian side table in just about any space in your home.

Along with many styles, there are many types of wicker. But be sure to note that “wicker” does not refer to the material of which the wicker is made, but, rather, to the weave of that material. So, a wicker side table could be made of rattan, reed, willow, bamboo, and resin. Of these, resin is the only material that is synthetic. It’s also the only material that is virtually impervious to all indoor and outdoor elements, which makes it a great choice for a wicker side table that will in an outside area. Rattan, reed, willow, and bamboo are all natural materials and, therefore, are more susceptible to the elements, depending on where they spend their time. While these natural materials can be treated to be more resistant to wind, rain, and sunlight, it is important to choose a wicker material that is made for the type of living space it will be in. For a wicker side table that will be outdoors, it’s best to choose “outdoor wicker”. For indoor areas, you can choose from any of the available wickers, though they do make wicker items that are specifically “indoor”. It really all just depends on your personal tastes and what you have planned for your wicker side table. But with all these choices, you’ll find the wicker side table that says “home” to you and is perfect for your décor and needs.

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