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Granite countertop colors can make or break the overall appeal of your kitchen. Granite has been used by many people both in commercial and residential buildings. It is a versatile countertop material because of its varied colors. There are granite countertops for kitchens with light color palettes as well as dark color palettes. There are white, gold, black, and green granites among others. With many colors to choose from, how do you pick the right one?

You need to scrutinize every small detail of the countertop materials. Don’t orders slabs without checking all available colors in the local market. Gather all color samples of your existing kitchen furniture and fixtures. Bring these samples with you to the showroom so you can picture how these elements look together. Black granite against cherry wood kitchen cabinets might be a little too overwhelming. If you don’t wish to replace your cabinetry, choose lighter shades of granite like beige or yellow. On your showroom visit don’t forget to ask the personnel to show you different samples of the color you have chosen. This is why shopping for granite countertops online may be a bad idea. Remember that granite has patterns which pictures may not capture well.

Granite countertops are the most coveted in kitchen design these days, but you need to choose the color and design that will blend well with your lighting. Dark granite countertop colors will make your kitchen look darker so it is not a good choice if there is no natural light in your kitchen. If possible, use track lighting as this enhances the beauty of granite countertops. If costs need to be minimized, you might want to stick with common colors like chestnut, black, and mahogany. Rare colors like golden storm and green galaxy can push prices to the ceiling.

Because it comes in many different shades, it is a bit hard to pick a color for your own kitchen. It is necessary to have the right guideline in choosing the color of your granite countertop. You need to consider your kitchen’s lighting, your existing kitchen color palette, your kitchen design theme, and your budget. Rustic kitchens can be achieved using neutral granites like colonial gold or stormy night. Dark cabinetry will look good with light colored granite. A kitchen with not enough natural light is better off with light colored granite than dark ones. Homeowners who have limited budget can opt for common granite countertop colors to minimize costs.

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