3 Questions for Choosing Color Schemes for Your Living Room

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Finding the right color schemes for your living room is the first step you need to create a living space you can be proud of.  Changing color schemes is a bit tiresome and expensive so you need to find a color scheme that you can live with for years. There are no existing rules in finding the right color scheme, but you can employ a few tricks that will help you find the one that mirrors your personality. We will ask you some questions. The answers to which will lead you to the color scheme that is meant for your living room.

1. What is your favorite color?

Go through your closet. What is the most dominant color? That color is most probably your favorite color. You can use this as the starting point of your living room color scheme. What you wear most often probably flatters your appearance. You need to stick to this color if it boosts your mood too. This is the color that you find appealing. Don’t consider the current trends just yet. Trends change from season to season. You won’t want to repaint your living room every few months, would you? You can incorporate trendy colors by using them as accents.

2. Would you like a stunning living room or a relaxing one?

Color schemes for a living room can create warmth and coolness depending on the homeowner’s choice. Warm colors are awe-inspiring. Colors like red, orange, and yellow stimulates energy. A living room with yellow and red color scheme will make your family feel happy and full of life. On the other hand, cool colors like blue and green can promote relaxation. A cool color palette is perfect for narrow living room spaces.

3. What colors complement your go-to color?

It might be a little easy to pick the lighter or darker shade of your favorite color, but you don’t want a boring living room. Make it look more vibrant by adding some variation. For example, if blue is your dominant color, you can use orange to make your living room look brighter. A complementary color harmony like this creates a breathtaking picture.

The color scheme of your living room should match your personality. If you are an energetic family, warm color schemes for your living room will be a great choice. You may also consider the kind of lifestyle that you have when choosing a color scheme. For example, if you have kids that usually bring chaos to your house, you need a color palette that is simple to make your living room look more organized.

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