Easy Ideas for a DIY Dining Room Table

Diy Dining Table Top

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Why purchase a new dining table when you can make your own DIY dining room table out of materials that you can find at home? Buying a new table is costly and can be unnecessary. You don’t have to pay for a dining room table or even pay someone to make you one. Using DIY strategies, you will find that it is easy to make your own table in just a matter of minutes.

The wine barrel dining table is a great idea if you have a lot of wine barrels simply lying around. Two barrels will make excellent feet for your dining room table. Clean by scrubbing the inside and the outside of your barrels and then allow these to dry under the sun. As your wine barrels dry out, find a large flat surface for the top of the table. You may use a broken wooden table, a large glass panel or use recycled wood from wine barrels as well. Simply fit the flat top surface over the two wine barrels and voila, you have a DIY dining room table. You may also opt for a round table and so wood or glass should be cut according to shape. Take accurate measurements and cut glass or wood accordingly.

A simple picnic table –design would also work as an efficient and strong dining table. If you have fallen trees or trees that have been damaged by a storm or uprooted because of a housing project would do perfectly. Ask an expert to cut the tree for you. You may either use a cross section of the trunk if this is a large and wide tree while you may have it cut into plank-sized pieces to create a table. A recycled tree as a table is an amazing way to recycle plus you will be able to enjoy the amazing texture of warm hardwood. Once your wooden planks are ready, assemble these to make the table top and spare a few pieces to make the table legs. Make a strong table top by placing wooden pieces along the underside. You may also use wrought iron for the table legs or custom made metal legs for your DIY table.

A DIY dining room table will save you a lot of money from purchasing a new one. There is also an unmistakable sense of pride knowing that you were able to accomplish your own dining room table with the help of DIY.

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