A DIY Corner Desk – Create Your Multi-tasking Hub

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In these multi-tasking times, many people are choosing to create rooms and spaces within their homes that can be used for a variety of purposes. This is the exact situation in which the DIY corner desk can become a multi-tasker’s dream. But you may be asking yourself “How do I go about creating a do it yourself desk? What materials should I use?” Such a task is entirely possible and doing it yourself will save you a bundle of money.

You can do this! All it takes is researching the style of a DIY corner desk that will best suit your needs, lots of measuring, sanding, perhaps in a bit of gluing, and screwing pieces in place. You have multiple choices for the kind of desk to create and—short of the old plywood-stacked-on-concrete-blocks type of desk—they are highly doable designs.

First, you could go with the type of corner desk that has drawers and/or filing cabinets on each end. This can be achieved by acquiring said filing cabinets (the standard, two-drawer metal variety will do fine) and whatever you choose to use for your desk top. Put your cabinets in place, secure your desk top in place with some screws and voila! Another type of corner desk could be the floating desk. This is much like those ever-popular floating shelves, but in desk form.

For the floating desk, you select your desired desk top material, which you can secure to the wall with brackets on the underside; or, if you’re really talented, you can create mounting holes in the sides of your desk top that will abut the wall and fasten them to the wall that way.

Yet another style option is the corner desk with legs on each end (and may a leg in the corner for extra stability). To achieve this look, you would find legs which you could fasten to your chosen desk top. And what of this repeatedly mentioned desk top, you ask? How do I achieve the desired shape? Fret not—if you don’t have your own table saw handy for cutting and shaping your desktop, your local hardware store will surely be able to oblige you. You could also utilize a secondhand corner desk and remove the legs (if the design calls for that), sand it, paint or refinish it, and the same effect is achieved.

Your choices of materials for your DIY corner desk really depends on how much you can spend and how easily movable you wish for your desk to be. You could choose plywood, wood, plastic, laminated material, Plexiglas, or metal for your desktop. For the legs—if you choose a design with legs—you can use wood, plastic, or metal.

If you choose a design with cabinets, you could go for metal or wood premade cabinets, or—if you’re really ambitious—you could make your own cabinets on which to place your desk top. Don’t be afraid to check out yard sales, secondhand stores, and the like for materials, as well. If you hit upon the right secondhand bargain, it could be cheaper to go that route than fashioning the desk top, legs, or cabinets out of other materials.

With some research, planning, bargain-hunting, preparation, and elbow grease, you will make your dream of a corner desk into a very practical reality.

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