An IKEA Treadmill Desk Rescues Your Health

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In these days of seemingly continuous research about what is best for our overall health and well-being, new studies are revealing that sitting in a chair at a desk all day can have catastrophic effects on your overall health. So, how do you combat these health dangers without completely ditching your job? An Ikea treadmill desk is a very viable option. In fact, it’s reported that even as little as an hour a day on the treadmill while you work has an enormously positive impact on your health. This magnificent desk set-up could be the answer to your health concerns. But you may have to work a bit to get yourself one.

What in the world is an Ikea treadmill desk set-up? What this ingenious idea entails in a standing height desk paired with a treadmill component, allowing you to work at your desk while working off that breakfast burrito or power lunch. Is your mind blown? This treadmill desk combination is credited with creating less stress on blood circulation, muscles, and joints, as well as reducing the problems with long-term sitting that can contribute to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Of course, it isn’t advised that you immediately ditch your more traditional office furniture and jump on the treadmill.

Prior to any rearranging or purchases, you’ll want to spend some time standing in your work space. This will give you the feel for what it’s like to sometimes step away from a chair and spend time standing.

Once you’ve established that you can spend some of your workday standing without any adverse effects, you’re ready to begin assimilating treadmill work into your routine. Of course, consider the room you have available in your work space, as the treadmill will take up more horizontal room than an office chair. You’ll also need a level flooring to accommodate your treadmill. And if your office is carpeted, then do your research when treadmill shopping—not all treadmills will work on carpet, and a treadmill mat may need to be purchased, as well.

Yes, it takes a bit of research and work to put together an Ikea treadmill desk set up. Actually, Ikea itself has changed inventory on their related types of desks. But take heart—it is still completely possible to create this physically beneficial office situation for yourself. You will certainly need a standing desk—sometimes known as a workbench height desk—to accomplish this little office furniture coup. While you could certainly just slide that treadmill right up to a standing desk, that may not allow you the most convenient access to materials on your desk. To prevent this problem, it’s now trendy to totally remove the incline piece and handrails, allowing you direct access to the top of your desk. (For goodness sakes, exercise caution if you go this route!)

Additionally, the traditional, front-facing control panel also inhibits your ability to access your desk; so many folks are actually moving the control panel from the front of the treadmill to the side; attaching it within easy reach from the platform of the treadmill and preserving the various features your treadmill offers without blocking your reach. Once these changes are safely accomplished, you’re ready to place the treadmill in front of your desk and get to work.

With some research, careful planning, and a little elbow grease, you can definitely achieve the treadmill desk set-up you want for your optimum health.

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