Why Use Office Chair Mats?

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Do you really need to use office chair mats? This office accessory provides protection over existing office flooring or carpeting. It is also used to allow an office chair to move freely on top of any kind of surface. There are many types of chair mats as there are many kinds of flooring.

Chair mats for carpet surfaces are especially created to protect carpeted areas. These mats are available in different colors, shapes, sizes and designs and therefore you can surely find one that will match your office carpeting. Office chairs will be able to move freely too on top of office chair mats meant for carpeted surfaces without damaging your precious office carpet.

Office chair mats for hard surfaces are created to protect hard flooring. This is mostly used for office floors made of hardwood, natural stone and cement. And aside from protecting delicate hardwood floors from scratches and marks, this type of chair mats will allow office chairs to move freely.

Yet there are chair mats intended for wooden floors. Floors made from beautiful natural wood as well as bamboo are very stylish and are also very expensive. Chair mats are needed to provide protection for this type of flooring while allowing all kinds of office chairs to move about on the surface.

Working with computer and electronic systems could be tricky; you may never know when you could suffer from an electric shock. The best way to protect yourself from the dangers of static electricity and shock is to use an anti-static chair mat. This type of mat is available in different shape, sizes, colors and designs. You are safe and secure as you work with an anti-static chair mat plus you will be able to move your office chair freely.

Ventilated chair mats are mats with small air vents along its surface to allow air to move from under the mat to the hardwood, carpet or stone flooring underneath. A ventilated chair mat will reduce the occurrence of mold and mildew that could accumulate underneath mats. This kind of mat is perfect for any kind of surfaces.

And finally, if you wish to use an eco-friendly office chair mat solution, you may choose natural composite recycled mats which are made of over 90% reusable materials. These mats are also available in different shapes, sizes and colors and some brands may even allow users to roll chair mats when not in use.


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