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Working a desk job—be it at an actual office, a cubicle, a home office, or even your couch or kitchen table—can be brutal. All that sitting, hunched over a computer, reading, typing, and phone calls can wreak havoc on your back, neck, pelvis, and joints in the arms, upper body, and lower body. Does this sound all too familiar? This is exactly where the Herman Miller office chair saves the day, along with your physical comfort. With its innovative, ergonomic designs, your body and your overall well-being will benefit immensely from these innovative chairs.

At Herman Miller, they have put 60 years of observation into the science of sitting; and they invest all that knowledge in each and every chair, creating designs that use the best possible practices for fostering comfort in your desk job.

Herman Miller is the leader in creating office chairs that offer ingenious support for all the parts of you that take the brunt of the physical stress that is created from sitting for long periods of time. Why is sitting for long periods of time so hard on our bodies? However counter-intuitive, this is painfully true; and it stems from the fact that sitting and completing repetitive tasks such as talking on the phone or typing actually forces your body to largely remain still—which then creates static stress and nearly constant pressure on your various body parts.

Regardless of the Herman Miller office chair model you choose—the Aeron, Embody, SAYL, or Mirra—the unique styling of these wisely designed office chairs offers the ability to move as your sit, which fosters the continued flow of blood and oxygen to all affected body parts, keeping them nourished and feeling fresh while you work.

The comfort and support provided by a Herman Miller office chair are second to none. Regardless of the duration of your work day and the hours that you spend sitting, your back, neck, pelvis, and joints are highly vulnerable to stress. To lessen such stress and, therefore, potential problems down the road, these office chairs have some amazing, proactive features invented with support and comfort in mind.  To lend these body parts the support they require, Herman Miller chairs offer the finest lumbar support to protect the natural curvature of your spine and provide proper blood flow and nourishment to your discs and joints.

There is even an enhanced option—PostureFit—which works with your body’s biomechanics to preserve your pelvis’ natural tilt. All of this careful attention to your physical needs leads to superb support for the health and alignment for your back, neck, pelvis, and various joints. This all means that the chair itself is fine-tuning its function and making adjustments throughout your work day that allow you to feel your best at your desk and keep on working to your fullest potential while feeling physically and emotionally fresh and perky.

Your mind and body will thank you for spending your work days in a Herman Miller office chair.


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