Create a Flexible Space with a Drop Leaf Kitchen Table

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A drop leaf kitchen table is a great way to accommodate for multiple uses within a space. The edges of a drop leaf table fold down to make the table smaller when you need more circulation space and then can fold up to allow for more surface area or space to seat more people at. This type of table can be great if you have a small space and need something with the flexibility to expand and fit your needs.

The difference between a drop leaf kitchen table and inserting a leaf into a dining table is that the drop leaf is quicker, simpler and more importantly the leaf is always attached. This provides a different, yet equally appealing aesthetic, however, you will not be able to seat people at the edge of the table when the leaf is down as there will not be appropriate leg clearance. The leaves function independently of one another so it can be easily pushed up against a wall acting as a peninsula. There are many different versions of this type of table which provide larger or smaller leaves allowing for the table to become more or less compact, think about how much surface area you would use on a regular basis and how much more you will need for a special occasion to find a table with the right proportions for you.

A similar theory to the drop leaf kitchen table can and has been applied by attaching the leaves straight to the wall and creating a fold up and down table, while compact this version is far less versatile than the traditional table option. Some traditional tables also come with a stretcher bar underneath that doubles as a shelf, which can be useful for extra storage in these already tight spaces. You will want to locate this table in an area that can accommodate the larger size as moving it from room to room can be difficult and reduce the likelihood of using the table to its full potential. The drop leaf table functions with the use of hinges and a steel rod sliding across for support holding up the extra leaves, this provides less stability than a traditional table or inserting a leaf into a kitchen table so make sure that you do not put too much weight or pressure on to the edge of the table, typical dining use will be fine.

A drop leaf kitchen table can inject interesting variety, flexibility and functionality into any space.

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