Decorative Ideas for Your Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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A master bedroom is a place where you can relax and just be yourself. It is where you can spend hours simply listening to the quiet comforts of home and at the same time you can sleep the day away. There is nothing like a comfortable bedroom and for main bedroom decorating ideas, here are some inspiring ones!

Reinvent your bedroom. Surely you have a huge bed that is made to occupy two so why not make it more dramatic by creating a canopy bed. There are simple canopy ideas to try out such as using sheer linen to flow from the top of the bed to the bed boards or you may use a large tapestry as a canopy using large poles. The idea it to create a dramatic centerpiece that will instantly make any master room big.

Rearrange your furniture. Instead of placing the bed in the middle of the room, put it someplace near the window or how about diagonally instead? Use luxurious covers and bedding to match your wall color, carpeting and window treatments too. You can mix and match colors that coordinate as well as colors that do not. Play with fabrics that have different textures and prints.

For your master bedroom windows, large bay windows will look great when opened up. Why waste a great view by placing shutters, shields and blinds? Open your bay windows using large drapes you may also use huge ceiling to floor curtains too. If you are looking for a more dramatic window treatment for a bay window then you may also use curtains that only frame the window and sheer fabrics.

Changing your wall color is imminent in a master room renovation. It’s time to remove ugly, worn out and distasteful room color with a new splash of colors that are in today. The most popular room colors are dark ones that create drama and style even in a small bedroom. You may choose dark blue colors, green, brown and red. If you are not a fan of dark tints then you could make your room pop out by using apple green, light orange or light blue. Play with colors and different color combinations. There are also great ways to make windows pop; paint window frames black or dark brown to accent windows. Your master bedroom will definitely look like a cool place to relax and sleep in after your new décor is set.

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