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If you are painting your bedroom a new color then you should consider the hottest master bedroom colors of the year. As they say, painting your room a new color is one of the cheapest and the easiest ways to redecorate your room! And so without further ado, here are top bedroom colors for a master suite.

One of the top colors is blue. Blue, in all shades of the color, is one of the best colors simply because it is luxurious, warm and inviting in all shades. No longer is this color a masculine color or reserved for a bachelor’s room but it is now a great master bedroom wall color. Blue makes all the other accents in a room pop out plus combining dark blue with other hues will make an absolutely great color combination that you can extend to your window treatments, bedding and carpet.

Green, especially apple green and forest green, is perfect all year long. Green is not just refreshing but it is also very playful and when combined with other colors such as white, brown and yellow, you create a wonderful, warm and inviting room. Green works best when it is painted over the head board and allowing the color to extend to other elements in your room such as the window treatments, valance, seat covers, bedding and pillow cases. Add a splash of fun green in your room accessories too to make these small accents pop out!

Red is a warn color that is mostly found in stylish bedrooms and bachelor pads. Even if you are simply looking for master bedroom colors, there is no excuse to use red. Red and all the shades of red will make great wall color. Combine this with red accents on your bedding, window treatments and carpet you will have a room with a great personality! And of course, adding red with white and black creates an Asian theme. Put an Asian twist in your room with these colors on different accessories and on your window treatments too.

There is no doubt that your own favorite color will also play well with your wall color. If you are unsure as to what wall color looks best for your bedroom walls, use an online simulator tool to discover new master bedroom colors or ask for a sample color palate from a local hardware shop. Compare colors and color combinations using these methods will help you pick the right wall color in no time.

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