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Are you decorating your child’s room and looking for teenage room ideas? If you are then you will be pleased with so many amazing decorating tips we have for you. However, decorating a teen bedroom is not just about what’s in or what’s popular but what your teen wants as well. You may think that a Hello Kitty décor is a great design but your teen who loves black thinks otherwise. Therefore, before you even begin remodeling or redecorating a room for your teen, consider his or her needs first.

One of the most popular teenage room ideas is to use a crazy hot pink and black and white combination. These colors make every single inch of the room stand out and make a very bold statement too. Hot pink color should be on the walls but leave the wall where the bed is black. The carpet is white while the bed is poster bed with a combination of all three colors from the pillow cases to the bedding as well as the thick blankets. Furniture pieces should be white like the cabinets, seats and lamps. Your teen’s lovely and stylish room will be the envy of all her friends.

If your teen has as small bedroom, there could be very little improvements that may be done. But you can still make this a perfect room for him or her. All the cabinetry should be placed high like kitchen cabinets so that extra space may still be used. The single bed should be placed against the wall and the study area against the wall too. Lamps should be provided for the study as well as the bedside in case he wants to read in bed. Select comfortable bedding and posh carpeting to provide the best and the most comfy room.

Designing a room for two? You can make even the smallest room fit for two teens when you choose smart furniture such as bunk beds or double-decker beds. Choose a long desk where your two teens could study. There is no reason to fight and there is even no reason to share even in a small room. Place two chairs, two consoles and two cabinets or shelves where each could place their own stuff safely. A large mirror, lamps, beanbag chairs and extra baskets would make great laundry hampers. Your teens will absolutely love these teenage room ideas for their bedroom.

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