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A wooden bed frame is the most popularly used bed frame in the world. It offers a lot of advantages. The most important benefit you can derive from a high quality bed frame made of wood is that it can easily go well with any room décor.


Bed frames made of wood come in a wide variety of styles, a feature that most homeowners love. Even those that are simple or plain in style and design can make a good focal point in a bedroom.


Simple styles are relatively cheaper than those with intricate designs. However, those who can afford ornate designs can opt for artistically carved wood designs. Since there are many types of wood that can be used, wooden bed frames also come in a wide array of color. Homeowners who wish to have a light colored bed frame may choose something that is made of maple.


For darker shades, the best choices are usually made of mahogany.  Although a wood bed frame goes well with any bedroom décor, you can never go wrong with it when your home’s main them is traditional or country-inspired.


Durability may also be considered as one main advantage of a wooden bed frame, but this feature depends largely on the type of wood used to make the bed frame. However, this type of material can last a lifetime. This is why most antique bed frames are made of high quality wood materials. Its low maintenance also makes wooden bed frames desirable. A wood polish is all you need to keep wooden bed frames looking new several years after purchase.


Unlike its metal counterparts, wooden bed frames can still look attractive even when they acquire imperfections due to usage. Some of them may have nicks, cracks, holes, or a few scratches but they only add to the attractiveness and character of a wooden frame. They appear to become natural embellishments that make an antique piece look more desirable especially to collectors. Even if this type of bed frame is more expensive than others, the advantages that come with it can easily overshadow the disadvantages.


There is only one drawback to a typical wooden bed frame. It is heavy and hence it is not easy to move around. This makes wood bed frames a poor choice for those who are likely to relocate or move houses often. This can even be harder for those who have homes with steep stairs.

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