The Solsta Sofa Bed is Perfect for Your Small Spaces

Solsta Bed Review

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If you’re on the hunt for a sturdy, useful, comfortable, yet inexpensive sleeper sofa for your living space, take a long look at the Solsta sofa bed. This uber-convenient sofa—also known as the folding sofa—is a small sofa that opens up into a double sized sleeper. The bed portion, when unfolded, is made of high density foam, covered in the same material as the rest of the sofa. It may be modest in size, but the Solsta is plentiful in benefits; the biggest of which is probably that it’s really reasonably priced for those on a tight budget. The Solsta is also very durable, perfect for smaller areas, available in wide variety of colors, lends itself for use in a variety of different types of rooms, comfortable to as both a sofa and a sleeper, and easy to use.

Let’s get down to brass tax: for the price—often around $170—the Solsta sofa bed is an incredibly decent value. It’s made of high quality materials and built to last in even the most active of spaces. In fact, Solstas are known to last for many years before they even begin to hint at their age. Since it’s great for smaller spaces and available in at least 12 different colors , the Solsta sofa bed is a great fit for a den, a dedicated gaming room, a college dorm room, a basement, a playroom, a first apartment or studio apartment, and in a child’s room for sleepovers. Due to its smaller stature, the Solsta is not really recommended for a large living room or family room. The sofa allows one to sprawl out luxuriously, and two can sit very spaciously together on the sofa.

The Solsta sofa bed is designed to easily convert to a sleeper by simply unfolding the seat part of the sofa. Once unfolded, the quality, high density foam seating extends to a double bed. It’s important to note that the Solsta is meant to be slept upon in an inverted position, meaning that your head rests where your feet would normally go and your feet go where you head would normally lie. (What we won’t do for comfort!) This is due to the fact that 2/3 of the bed consists of foam, while the remaining 1/3 is wood; so your feet rest on the wood portion of the bed, while your head is on the comfy foam. Another important thing to note is that the cover of the sofa is non-removable, so it cannot be cleaned via your washer and dryer. And while bleaching, ironing, and dry cleaning are most definitely not advised, spots can easily be cleaned with upholstery cleaner and a rag, or with a damp sponge along containing a textile cleaner or a mild soapy solution.  Easy to use, easy to afford, and super convenient, the Solsta sofa bed is your best bet for a well-priced sofa for any of your smaller spaces.

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