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A double bed frame is also called full bed frame by some people. Both of their dimensions are the same that homeowners who are looking for double bed frames may also mention full bed frame when shopping. This type of bed frame usually has a feature that makes adjustments possible. However, high quality models do not have the adjust-ability feature. It is therefore necessary to take a look at how much you are willing to spend for it and what functions you absolutely cannot let go of before purchasing a bed.


While functions and features should be considered when purchasing a bed, it is more important to evaluate the material used. A double bed frame using hardwood is generally the most expensive because of their durability, beauty, and style.


Some examples of high quality wooden bed frames are oak and mahogany. Hardwood bed frames may be out of your price range but you can choose to buy less expensive yet equally beautiful versions using softwood bed frames. They are commonly made of pine or bamboo. Softwoods are however more prone to rotting, cracking, and other damages. This can be avoided with proper care and cleaning.


If these two options do not satisfy your needs or does not meet your budget requirements, you can opt for a steel bed frame. A steel double bed frame may be high-end or low-end. If you are looking for cheap versions, you might want to consider something that does not have a headboard or a footboard. Although they are not attractive, you can enhance its beauty by using bed skirts and attractive bed sheet.


If you want something more attractive, you can choose a bed frame that uses thick steel materials. They are the ones that can be styled and designed so they are more attractive. They will have headboards and footboards which will likely take up space in your room. You are probably aware that metal may damage wooden floors. If you want to avoid this, choose a bed frame that uses plastic casters.


Another option that you might want to consider when buying a double bed frame is its ability to provide extra storage space underneath. This can be helpful if you are living in a small condo or apartment. If you want something like this, look for a platform bed which does not have a box spring.

Some platform beds even have built-in drawers which provide storage options and instant aesthetic appeal to your room.


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