How to Make your Own DIY Granite Countertops

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DIY granite countertops make a great alternative to expensive countertop materials.  They are usually costly to have installed by professionals hence installing them yourself may be a better idea. You only need the help of a few muscled friends to do the lifting as this material is a bit heavy. Granite countertops do not come cheap, but you can use granite tiles to create the same quality kitchen countertop. Follow this procedure to create your own granite countertop:


  • Thin-set tile mortar
  • Notched tiling trowel
  • ¼ inch granite tiles
  • ¼ inch granite countertop edge pieces
  • Circular saw with diamond tip edge
  • Masking tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Rubber grout float
  • Sponges


  1. Spread a little of the thin-set tile mortar along the edge of your counter trim. Lay each ¼ inch counter trim pieces on the edge of the countertop. Make sure that the trim tile edges are in line with the top of your counter without gaps in between.
  2. To make the edges even, trim the counter pieces. Do this slowly to avoid breaking the tiles.
  3. With the masking tape, hold the pieces in places and leave them to dry for one whole day.
  4. Apply more of the thin-set mortar on the surface of the counter. Start the process in one counter then the outside edge. Attach the tiles one after the other until the whole surface is covered. Leave for a day to let the mortar dry completely.
  5. Cover the tiny cracks and small dips between the tiles by spreading float grout. Let the grout dry for a couple of days before you use your new countertop. In some DIY granite countertops, the grout may still be noticeable. To remedy this, find a tint that matches that of your granite tiles.

Installing granite countertops in your kitchen can make it look brand new and attractive. Since granite come in different colors, you can easily find one that matches your kitchen interior. It is durable and therefore a practical way to dress up your countertop. DIY granite countertops can turn your kitchen into a place perfect for dining and entertainment without the need to shell out too much money. The above given procedure is simple enough to make your installation process simpler and easier. Make sure that you have all the necessary materials before you start working on your DIY countertop. Sudden unnecessary trip to the hardware store will impede and compromise your project.

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