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What’s up with eclectic living room décor? This style of decorating is one of the most interesting because it is the most imaginative! With eclectic décor, the only rule is that there are no rules! You can do what you want and do anything you wish with your living space! Eclectic decorating style is based on the premise that you are free to do anything you wish; after all, this is your home after all! You can change your wall color and have different hues for every wall or have mismatched curtains if you wish. Another thing is the use of radical art on your walls. Find out the craziest and the most interesting eclectic living room  styles below.

Make your main wall a gallery of mirrors with different shapes and sizes! Why not make your main wall a place where you can hang tens or make it hundreds of mirrors; each one has its own design, frame color and shape. They say that mirrors make any room bigger and with this eclectic design, your room is going to be three to five times its size!

Play with colors be adding throw pillows of different sizes, shapes, designs and textures! Fill your large sofa with different kinds of pillows and make sure that each one is of different color. You may also tie- dye cloth, use different colors and hues to and sew them to make excellent pillow cases. You will rain pillows all over your living room! Toss them, pile them, or sort them all over the floor; pillows will make your home a very cozy place to stay and relax!

Wall décor in an eclectic room is none other than pop art! Get ready to deck your walls with large heads, gothic beasts popping out of the ceiling or how about a painting of naked people on one side of your living room? As they say, anything goes with eclectic living room designs! Not only are these designs surprising but they are also hilarious and candy to the eyes! You can make your own wall art too if you wish or you may have an artist do something custom for you!

Eclectic living room décor is all about fun and more fun. If you are missing that great fun in your life then you might be looking for one of a kind and interesting eclectic home decorating styles.

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