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Looking to add some more storage to your kitchen but don’t want to do an expensive remodel? Why not add a free standing kitchen pantry similarly to freestanding kitchen cabinets the pantry will not be fixed to the wall. Choose between closed cupboards for a more complete and traditional look that will mimic built in cabinets and keep your kitchen looking tidy and open shelves that will appear lighter and more industrial for a cheep and chic option. Open shelving or glass front doors on your cabinets can also be a great option for storing extra dishes so that you can display your beautiful dishes. In turn closed storage is great for concealing mix matched food products. Before you add a freestanding kitchen pantry, think about what type of storage you need to add to your kitchen; doors, drawers or shelves this decision will help you ensure that you get the right cabinet for your needs.

The great thing about freestanding furniture is that it doesn’t have to match the rest of your kitchen perfectly, don’t be afraid to pick a different color or material to make this addition stand out. The key to mixing and matching elements, allowing you to bring in variation, is to differentiate one element while keeping the others consistent. For example if you have nice wood kitchen cabinets and you want to add a painted free standing kitchen pantry look at the lines and the detailing on the cabinets are they sleek and simple or do they have ornate trims and cutouts? By keeping these elements similar you can bring in different materials and still ensure everything in the room looks like it belongs together. A simple way to ensure continuity like this is to keep all of your handles the same, they are easy to unscrew and replace so they all match. Paying attention to simple details like this can take your kitchen to the next level!

One important thing to watch out for when choosing between a freestanding and built in pantry is height, since a free standing kitchen pantry is not affixed to any wall, keep them slightly lower to ensure that they will not become a tipping hazard. Watch the base and test it out for stability before choosing, you want to make sure that your new pantry won’t tip over causing both harm to individuals and a huge mess. Deciding on a lower cabinet is a safer bet, as the center of gravity will be lower and it will be less likely to topple over.

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