How to Choose a Great Kitchen Faucet

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There are many things to consider when choosing a kitchen faucet. There are a wide variety of styles that can give different aesthetic looks to your kitchen but there are also practical implications to each different type of faucet. First consider the location of your faucet, do you want to wall mount it or mount it to your sink. A deciding factor in this will be the location of your pipes and weather they extend up to the back of the wall or whether you will have to call a plumber in to extend the pipes. This can be a costly deciding factor to getting a wall-mounted faucet. If you decide on a surface mounted faucet don’t worry there are still a ton of options and you can be sure to find the right faucet for you!

When looking at surface mounted kitchen faucets the first thing to consider is weather you will be using your existing sink or replacing that as well. This is important as sinks have a designated number of holes in them that can dictate what type of faucet will fit. If you are replacing your sink as well just ensure that the faucet you choose and the number of holes in your sink line up.

The three most typical orientations for faucet and hole options are: Single handle faucet, this means that there is one hole for the faucet and the handle is attached to the back of it. This is the most common type of faucet and therefore will also have the widest array of selection. There is also a two-hole option for a single handle faucet meaning that the handle and the spout are both located in their own holes having the handle off to the side. With both of these types of faucets the temperature is controlled from a single handle, which can provide an easy way to manipulate and regulate water temperature with ease.

There are two different types of two handle faucets both will require three holes in your kitchen sink but they will be place differently so be careful you select the right one. In traditional two handle faucets, the handles are connected to the tap and are closer together.

In widespread kitchen faucets the handles are separated and it is easier to place the handles in existing holes on the back of an existing kitchen sink. These are important considerations for finding the right kitchen faucet for you!

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