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Two-tone kitchen cabinets are a beautiful and trendy way to liven up a kitchen environment. A two-tone kitchen is a simple as it sounds; it involves painting or purchasing two different colors of cabinets to create variety and visual interest in the space. The key to any two-tone kitchen is always using a darker color for the bottom cabinets. This will create a heavier visual weight along the bottom of the kitchen providing balance, structure and relief within the room. If you decide to paint the top cabinets a darker color they will be heavy and weight down the room making it feel cramped and low!

White is a classic and safe color for the top cabinets; it will match any other color you chose without trying to hard to compete with the latter. As for the bottom cabinets there are more opportunities to play with color and tone here. Chose a dark grey to give a contemporary classic appearance or a blue sapphire for a lively and contrasting appearance. If you have open glass upper cabinets or shelves why not try painting the back of them the same color as your lower cabinets to add a unique splash of personality to any two-tone kitchen cabinets set. Remember to keep the contrast between the two colors noticeable enough to make the design look intentional.

Keep your counters and floors neutral especially if using a bright color on part of your cabinets, this way you won’t have to many competing focal points within the room. Use the same pulls on all of your cabinets to emphasize cohesion. Another great way to separate what to paint the darker and lighter colors is by painting a focal point like the base of an island in a dark color and the rest of your cabinetry in the neutral or white tone. If you decide to mix two colors make sure that they have the same undertones. For example if you choose two different shades of grey; if one has a blue undertone make sure that the other one does too.

Keeping the elements of color like the value, how bright the color is, or tint and shade, which refer to how true the colors are – whether white or black have been added to make them look murky or faded, similar can allow you to pick two different colors for your cabinets without making them compete with one another.

With these simple tricks you can make sure that your two-tone kitchen cabinets look cohesive and impressive.

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