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Setting and decorating formal dining room tables will make your dinner events extra special. Whether you are hosting a formal event or you simply want a formal dinner with the family, here are some tips on how to set this important furniture piece in your home.

Aside from coordinating your tableware, find great table ornaments to make your formal table extra – special. You may use antique candelabras; place these in the middle of the table or one for each half of the table. Other table ornaments that you could use are platters of different kinds and colors of fruits as well as baskets of vegetables and herbs. Create a fresh centerpiece by combining different kinds of wild flowers. Gather a bunch of wild blooms and just place these in a tall or large glass vase. These make fresh and wonderful centerpieces for formal dining room tables.

Formal dining tables may be decorated according to the theme of the party or event. If you are having a Thanksgiving dinner then place Thanksgiving – themed items on your table such as a fruits, vegetables, flowers and grasses that are in season. Use pumpkins of different sizes as decoration. Large pumpkins could be on the center with small ones scattered all over the formal dining room table. Add wild flowers, corn husks, colorful veggies and fruits to complete your Thanksgiving feast. Therefore you do not have to stick to the usual formal style but rather take inspiration from events and occasions as well.

Other than the ornaments that you find on dining room tables, other important elements of the room needs to be considered. Lighting is one and you need formal lighting to make events more special. Aside from classy chandeliers, you may also use pendant lighting, spot lighting or scattered LED lights along the dinner table to create a fun yet dramatic effect. Candlelight is also a great light source; this creates a dramatic ambiance in a room. Lighting is a great way to illuminate your formal dining room décor too as well as your table setting.

Formal dining room table and seat covers may or may not be considered in a formal event. You may also use chair covers only. Needless to say that in formal dinners, matching table elements from each other will make your design more successful. Therefore you should match table napkins, placemats, chair covers and area rugs together to enhance the beauty of your dining area.

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