The Essentials of Beautiful Zen Garden Designs

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For Japanese people, creating Zen garden designs is not only a hobby. Gardening in the Japanese culture has a spiritual meaning. Because Zen gardens are created to promote meditation, you don’t need to created complicated designs. The most important thing to bear in mind when creating a Zen garden is the feeling that it induces from the visitors.

First and foremost, you don’t really need a huge space to create a Zen garden that serves its purpose. It is best to choose an area in your yard that is slightly secluded. One necessity for perfect Zen garden designs is serenity. Green trees or shrubs surrounding the area will achieve the peace and quiet you need for your garden. It does not have to be expensive either. The usual elements found in a Zen garden are plants, water, lanterns, sand, and pebbles. These things have corresponding meanings that make your Zen garden perfect for meditation. Expensive Zen gardens have water fountains, but you can lower the costs by using raked sand instead. Constructing a Zen garden may consume a lot of your time. You need careful planning to come up with a garden that is not only beautiful but also exudes a feeling of calmness. Although you can buy Zen garden elements from home improvement stores, it is better to add things that have personal value. Spending too much on your Zen garden is actually going against its purpose which is simplicity. Of course, spending a fortune on your garden will make it look more beautiful, but your garden loses its meaning in the process. If there is one thing you need to achieve with your garden, it is to display the Buddhist trinity. To do this, use three rocks, three shrubs, or three boulders.

The purpose of the Zen garden is to make you feel relaxed and at peace. Zen gardens are created with the purpose of giving happiness to whoever is there to witness its beauty. It is the details of beautiful Zen garden designs that make you want to linger on your spot and be mindful of your surroundings. You can say that your Zen garden has fulfilled its purpose when the observer starts to find meaning and value in the elements like the stones or the sands. When you are able to turn a small space into a meaningful universe, that is when you can say you have created the perfect Zen garden.

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