The Pros and Cons of Black Granite Countertops

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Black granite countertops look gorgeous in kitchens and bathrooms. However, there are a few angles where some other countertop materials may perform better than granite. Let us examine the good and the bad in granite countertops.

The Good

Only a few countertop materials can match the aesthetic appeal of granite. It never goes out of style because of its timeless quality. Kitchens with granite countertops rarely need additional décor to make them look appealing. Dark granite works well in spacious rooms with enough natural light coming from outside. The countertop is enough to create an interesting atmosphere. It can stand the test of time as it is resistant to wear and tear unlike other countertop materials. Granite is made with tough materials that endure minor scratches. There is no other countertop material that is perfect for a place often exposed to heat. You need not worry about damage when you set down a hot pan on your granite countertop. Its quality will not get compromised like other countertop materials.

The Bad

Like all other things, black granite countertops are not perfect. They also have a few weaknesses. It is necessary to hire a professional when installing granite countertops. Problems usually arise from countertops that were not sealed properly. Poorly sealed granite countertops may absorb materials like oil and liquid seasonings. Once these are absorbed, it is impossible to remove them. When this happens bacteria may breed between gaps. Granite countertops need proper maintenance. Yearly resealing is necessary to prevent staining. This is one good reason why utmost caution is needed in a kitchen with granite countertop. Moreover, granite countertops are prone to chips and crack especially its corners.

If you want a granite countertop, you have to commit yourself to spare time on maintenance. Every family member needs to be careful when they are moving around a place where there is a granite countertop. Black granite countertops can turn any kitchen from simple to classy. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, there are still many other reasons to choose granite over other countertop materials.  Be that as it may, careful consideration needs to be done when choosing a countertop material for your kitchen or bathroom. It does not cost as little as a pack of candy, so you have to make sure it stays tough and presentable for years. Comparing the pros and cons of a granite countertop will help you decide for or against this material.

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