White Granite Countertops Look Like Marble

White Grey Granite Countertops

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The most classic and enduring type of countertop available is white granite countertops. These enduring favorite counters are so treasured that they are the top choice in a traditional kitchen setting and have been a first choice for many designers and homeowners through the years. Even within the white granite world, there are many options to consider. White granite not only appeals to many different palettes, but it’s also a great choice when trying to visually alter the size of your kitchen.

White granite countertops have long been viewed as luxurious, with their iconic and snowy pure expanse. White granite is absolutely beautiful when paired with traditional maple colored cabinets for a homey feel. A real vintage feel is achieved when pairing sparkling white granite with French country blue or a sage green color of cabinetry. For an ultra-clean look, pair white granite with white cabinets to create a kitchen with the fresh feel of new fallen snow. But white granite countertops aren’t merely limited to classic style kitchens. White granite can be used very successfully in a more modern kitchen; this is easily seen when pairing the counters with dark brown or black cabinetry. The two contrasting colors ooze contemporary when put together!

Do be sure to really examine your use of countertop space when choosing your white granite; depending upon how much your use your countertops for food preparation, you may want to choose a white with little patterning or with much patterning. The patterning will hide those inevitable wear and tear marks that come with home chefs who do a lot of food prep work. If you are not a want-to-be Ina Garten, then you can feel confident in choosing white granite with less patterning, without the worry about trying to hide marks that result from daily use.

Another way to use white granite countertops to your advantage is in visually altering the size of your kitchen. White granite has a way of making a smaller kitchen look brighter and more airy. Something about the pure freshness of the white makes the entire space a welcoming place. In this way, smaller kitchens often look larger than they really are when white granite countertops are installed—especially when the white granite is used in a way that breaks up the monotony of darker wood cabinets, other furniture pieces, and flooring. If you’re concerned about your kitchen appearing stuffy with all its dark coloring, then it is definitely recommended to consider white granite for your countertops if you have very dark kitchen cabinets. Such a pairing helps break-up the darkness with a little punch of white. Another great benefit to white granite countertops—they are reminiscent of the elegant look and feel of marble, without the enormous expense.

For so many reasons, least of all being the totally flexible nature of white, white granite countertops work in such a complementary manner with so many kitchen palettes and décor. Whether you’re looking for a classic feel, a gentle flow, a bold statement, or a high contrast, white granite countertops are a perfect fit.

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