10+ Butterfly Home Decor Ideas

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Scientifically, butterflies are an insect with a purpose to live and grow, yet on the surface, they are beautiful and wonderful animals that excite and inspire us all in different ways, which make butterfly home decor a wonderful and popular design choice.

Butterflies are a symbol of the creative and liberal arts and can signify creativity, art, and imagination. If you have a special affection for any kind of art, using butterfly motifs in your home decor can help you to portray that part of your personality in your interior design.

Butterflies are also a symbol of a completed or almost completed journey or transition. If you’re proud of any difficulties you’ve overcame or you can identify with the butterfly’s transition into a beautiful adult, butterfly home decor might suit your lifestyle and personality.

Above all of this, butterflies are beautiful animals that are popular in home interior design across the world for their beauty and representation, there’s no reason why we wouldn’t want to open up our homes to them.

Some believe that there are more than 200,000 species of butterfly across the world, all with their own colors and styles, but similar butterfly shape that can be recognized anywhere.

Interior design isn’t specific, it’s creative, so use your love of butterflies and design to create your own butterfly home decor, or recreate your favorite type of butterfly in fabric, paint, or natural materials.

You can bring butterflies into your home as ornaments, into the soft furnishings of your home such as duvet covers, cushions, and rugs, or even into the harder materials such as iron and steel features or etched into windows and doors.

There are both common and exotic butterflies across the world too; which would you like to portray inside your home? A familiar species you know well, or an exotic and rare species that is more wondrous and exciting?

One of the most popular and recreated uses of butterfly home decor in popular stems from the popular US television series Gossip Girl. The swirling effect of the white butterfly mural on Serena van der Woodsen’s bedroom wall became the key feature of the room, but suited the tone and personality of the show’s protagonist and was copied across the world. It’s a fantastic example of how minimal butterfly silhouettes without any additional detail can be used in modern and contemporary decor.

In fact, pop out wall murals are an inexpensive way to add depth and a focal point to the room. Changing the color of the butterfly and adding a dramatic shadow behind the instantly recognizable shape can reduce the femininity of the butterfly shape and turn up the intensity too.

Using home design in your garden and outdoor spaces can also attract living butterflies into your space and invite them to the party when you’re dining and entertaining outdoors.

Flowers with lots of nectar and pollen such as lavender and marigold will attract butterflies, but plenty of food, shelter, and water will keep them there.

Butterflies can be a fun and symbolic feature in any home, bringing both style and beauty indoors.

Consider carefully how much of an impact you’d like your butterfly home decor to make on your home, from one quirky piece of decor to a butterfly-themed room.

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