15+ Giraffe Home Decor Ideas

Giraffe Wall Art

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Giraffe home decor is an unusual yet unsurprising home trend. Giraffes are known mostly for being the tallest living animal, but also they are striking and unique animals, recognized straightaway by their tall and elongated neck that is not found in any other mammals. Symbolically, giraffes represent grace, boldness, and taking risks.

It’s an unusual connection of symbolism, but a combination that we could all benefit from including in our home. Because giraffes are found only Africa, bringing these majestic animals into your home can bring a piece of the exotic into your interior design.

A giraffe’s unique pattern is instantly recognized by its combination of light brown (sometimes orange or blonde) against a contrasting dark brown or black color. Both are warmer tones that can make a room feel warmer and cozier.

Giraffe decor can be a great addition to a home full of either warmer or cool tones. Against cool tones it will stand out and give a warming and comforting ‘glow’, whereas up against warmer tones it fit right in and have a more subtle demeanor.

Because of their warm colors, giraffe home decor is often created from darker and red toned woods, which recreate that warm enigma of the animal.

Because of a giraffe’s unusual shape, models of its form can be turned into quirky and alternative functional pieces of furniture that go further than simply decorating your home.

From CD or DVD racks, to lamps and table legs, a giraffe’s unique shape can bring fun and inimitable style and function to your home.

If wall art is more your thing, Giraffes are popular feature or classic and modern art and you won’t struggle to find the right piece for you depicting a giraffe.

Salvador Dali is one of the best known artists for printing giraffes, of course in his popular and renowned surrealist style. These paintings are iconic, recognizable, and a fantastic talking point.

In children’s home decor, decorate walls with posters of famous giraffes in film and literature, such as the Lion King, Madagascar, or Roald Dahl’s The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me.

If you want to maximize the impact of giraffe style in your interior design, use giraffe’s iconic print in your soft furnishings. From cushion covers, to rugs, throws, and drapes, giraffe print textures are popular in homes as an alternative to the more mainstream tiger, leopard, and zebra print materials.

For many years giraffe’s have been a popular item for personal collection. They are celebrated and used in art worldwide, so new and alternative pieces are always available to purchase online and in stores.

The sizes and materials available are never ending, from traditional wooden decorations to more alternative pieces made from glass and porcelain.

A giraffe’s shape is so recognizable and iconic that we can change the print and color of its skin in our art or to match our home’s color palette, and yet the animal will still be recognizable instantly.

Giraffes are beautiful, striking, and unusual animals yet we recognize them for their size and grace. Giraffe home decor within our home design will increase the grace in our interior designs, and inspire us to be more graceful ourselves.

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