15 Great Medieval Home Decor Ideas

Medieval Decor

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If you want to give your home a fresh new look, yet add a historical feel to it as well, you should give your home a makeover and read some of the best medieval home decor ideas we’ve selected for you.

What’s great about this interior design style is that it will separate your home from numerous homes that are decorated in a contemporary style. Can it be any better? Yes! Decorating your home in a medieval style is fairly simple to do, so you can start making changes in your home right away.

Is a Medieval Theme Too Dark for My Home?

The Medieval era (12-15 century) was the time when homes and castles were decorated in the Gothic style. Worrying about your home being too dark or whether you should go in this direction at all isn’t that unrealistic. Most people associate adjectives such as dark, old, and even bizarre with the Gothic style.

However, contrary to what many people believe, Gothic style can make any home look cozy and warm. So, how exactly a medieval-decorated home should look?

Medieval Wall Colors

Stone walls were commonly found in castles and fine homes during the medieval era. Many modern homes don’t have stone walls though. Luckily, stone walls aren’t the only way to achieve a medieval-inspired look in your home. Instead of stone, you can use wood paneling to get the same effect.

When it comes to colors, deep and rich colors are characteristic for medieval home decor, especially deep reds and greens and golds. If you prefer using wallpapers on your walls, make sure to choose the ones with floral and foliage patterns.

To make your medieval interior decor even more authentic hang rugs on your walls. Rugs and thick carpets should also cover the floor in your home. Windows are not an exception in this regard.

Windows in your home should have long, thick curtains in deep greens, reds, or any other color characteristic for the Medieval era you choose.

Focal Point

In the Middle ages, a focal point of a room was a fireplace. Having a fireplace in your living room will add that dramatic look to your home. You can hang sward replicas above your fireplace, or wide-frame mirrors. We do have more ideas for you: the walls in your home can be a perfect place for replicas of armor, shields, axes, etc.

Medieval Decor Furniture

For this interior design avoid placing any modern pieces of furniture. Instead, find big, chunky furniture that is made from wood. You can also add a knight statue to any room setting to make your medieval home decor look even better.

You should know that medieval furniture is bulky, and not as practical as you might want it to be, so plan how you’ll organize furniture in your home very carefully.  We have a question for you: where you’d place a chest made of oak?

Lighting in Medieval-Inspired Homes

Lighting is essential to recreate a medieval look in your home. For a chandelier, you should choose a wrought iron chandelier. Candles and lanterns will give more light to your home, and fit in perfectly in your medieval theme.

Knights, royalty, and castles don’t have to be a fairy-tale for you anymore, as with these medieval home decor ideas you can turn your home into a beautiful, cozy home that tells a story from centuries ago.

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