15+ Orange Home Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

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People often steer away from orange home decor as a feature in their interior design, even if they identify with orange as one of their favorite colors.

It’s a bold color, which can frighten people away and is one of the brightest and most reflective shades, which people can associate with offensiveness and brashness.

The opposite is true however, because orange is a positive color that look fantastic in almost any home, if used in the right volume and shade for the room it features in.

In color psychology and meaning, orange represents social communication and relationships, which makes it a perfect encouraging color for building relationships in the home, and a perfect match for your living room or shared bedrooms.

Close to both red and yellow, orange also represents joy, cheerfulness, warmth, and passion which come with both of those shades, and it promotes spontaneity and creativity, so consider bringing orange into a room where you need a little bit of inspiration or adventure.

We’re all different, however, and the best way to judge how a certain tone of orange makes you feel is to get out the tester pots and see how the adding orange to your favorite room with an impending makeover makes you feel personally.

We often think of orange as the secondary color that is bright and bold, and forget that the color family includes shades such as terracotta, ginger, bronze, and honey. These muted tones and darker or lighter tones are the ones to choose if you’re a big fan of orange but want to use the color in a subtler format.

If artificial shades of bright orange aren’t your thing, you can also bring natural orange shades into your home with features such as orange plants and natural materials such as terracotta and clay ornaments, or red bricks. These allow your home to bring in more natural materials, a feel for the outdoors, and bolder colors without going over the top.

Orange home decor pieces in pastel tones are also gaining popularity in modern home styles with lots of white furniture and the shabby chic style which portrays light colors and lots of floral prints.

To make a subtle or understated addition to your room, add orange accents to the room. Some designers will argue that accents need to amount to more than 10% of the room’s color to make a real impact, but with a bright color like orange against a contrasting background, we believe that this is best judged by the designer and the homeowner, and just two or three key features can make the colors pop and make a real contribution to the warmth of the room.

Adding smaller orange home decor pieces like flowers, photo-frames, books, and trinkets such as candles can really help the color to resonate throughout the entire room.

Alternatively, adding one bold piece of key furniture, such as a sofa, is another way to pack orange into the room, make a real impact, but not overpower the room.


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