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Whether you adore the country you live in as a proud citizen, you want your home to represent your nationality in another place around the world, or you want to pay homage to a fantastic place you have visited, you can showcase this in your home interior design with patriotic home decor.

Flags are perhaps the most simple and straightforward way to show your allegiance to one country or part of the world.

A traditional western way to display flags is to hang them outdoors proudly from the highest place in our homes, towards the entrance to portray our patriotism to guests. But there are ways to be more creative when decorating with flags, both indoors and outdoors.

If a flag just feels too obtrusive or obvious, decorate your home or one room with the colors and features of your flag. If you’re hoping to achieve a softer look, bunting hung around the home can be a fantastic and quirky alternative.

Statues and images of prominent figures are another simple way to achieve your patriotic home goal. If you want your country’s colors to resonate throughout the entire room, consider this when designing your room and selecting color palettes to prevent nasty color clashes.

Another quirky way to bring patriotic home decor into your home is to use wall art, such as canvases and framed images, around your home depicting something that is special to your heart and showcases your interests, such as posters for films, shows, or literature.

Photographs are an obvious way to illustrate your allegiance to one place. This can be maps, close ups of your favorite locations or iconic skyline and coastline images that explicitly depict the country you are proud of. You can put your own camera skills to use if you’re a budding photographer, or you can select the work of a professional.

Consider what is important to you and what parts of your life and your country you connect with the most and want to showcase in your home; this might not be as obvious as a flag outside your porch, or you might want to go down a classic and traditional patriot style of interior design. Finding the right piece might take a while to source, but once installed in your home it will be worth the wait.

In the UK in 2001, an independent book store rediscovered a World War 2 poster that read ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ to raise spirits for British citizens during the war. The poster went up in the book store, and it’s popularity exploded. The red and white poster became one of the most recognizable and iconic images in the UK throughout the following years, and has been recreated and parodied uncountable times.

When it regained popularity in 2001, it became a fun can patriotic addition to homes across the UK, but was stylish, bold, and striking. The first people to follow the trend got themselves a fantastic and interesting talking point in their homes.

This proves that patriotic home decor can be quirky, trendy, and outside of the box.

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