20 Inspiring Parisian Home Decor Ideas

Parisian Home Decor

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Parisian home decor portrays in our homes the city of love, famous worldwide for its style and history. If you have ever visited Paris, you will have experienced the stunning architecture and interior of Parisian homes and hotels. If not, you’ve seen pictures of Parisian style which have left you awe-struck. We’re here to help you recreate that flawless, timeless, and luxurious Parisian interior design style:

White walls

Tall, white or cream walls are a protruding feature of classic Parisian home decor. The light colors allow the natural light (usually from large windows) to swim around the room and highlight the beautiful features of the room.


Flowers are another popular feature in Parisian homes. Set against the vast white walls, any color flower will stand out and bring life and color into the home. Anything goes with flower choice, but we prefer traditional European species, such as roses, carnations, and peonies that are both elegant and timeless. Genuine flowers are preferable, since they will also bring a lovely scent into the room and provide a more genuine Parisian atmosphere, but if you don’t have the time or budget for caring for and replacing flowers, artificial plants and room spray can help you achieve a similar effect.

Pastels and contrasts

We’ve already discussed white walls, but how do you use color in the rest of the home if you’re trying to mimic a stunning Parisian penthouse? Pastel colors, especially light pinks and blues, are popular in very small amounts. This brings color into the room without overpowering the white or being too demanding of your attention. You can achieve these color accents with flowers, but also in your furniture. Larger pieces should be kept as light colors so that they don’t draw any light away from the space. Harder room details, such as window frames, doors and general fixtures and fittings should stand out to highlight the quality in architecture. We love painted black steel fittings, but if you don’t have a traditional French building, you can recreate the style by painting your door and window frames a black or dark brown. This also accentuates the white walls and natural light in the room.


Paris is well known for its art culture. It has many museums and is steeped in history of art, architecture, fashion, which continues into the private homes of its people. You don’t have to invest heavily in your pieces, but be careful in your selection and opt for one or two striking and light features, as opposed to lots of items of a lesser quality.


One of the most famous features of French apart buildings are the stunning floor to ceiling windows that welcome light and warmth. These often lead out to Juliet balconies or larger iron balconies for taking in views of the fantastic city. We’re not all lucky enough to own a house with a view, but we can sometimes adapt the room’s windows to bring in even more natural light. Don’t forget light and floaty curtains that frame the windows as the room’s main feature.

Elegant decor                   

Parisian home decor tends not to hold clutter. If you have always had a full home with lots of storage, now might be the best time for a clear out if you really want to mimic the Parisian lifestyle through your interior design. Follow the rule that everything in your home must be functional, beautiful, or both. Anything else must go, and trust us that you’ll feel so much better afterwards!

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