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Spanish home decor is unique and striking in its rustic style and simplicity. Spanish decor is recreated across the world, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

A key part of Spanish culture and lifestyles is family. Home cooking is popular, as is entertaining family and friends in your home. Because of the fantastic and warm climate, Spanish families are renowned for their indoor/outdoor dining and living styles.

Many months of the year, the climate is warm and pleasant enough for the entire family to dine and entertain outdoors in a garden or patio area.

The home’s kitchen is often situated towards the back of the house, close to outdoor dining areas so that food can be served outdoors.

Dining rooms often open up through large French doors onto an outdoor dining area, to provide a transitional indoor and outdoor dining terrace.

Spanish home design includes plenty of warmer colors, such as burnt oranges, terracotta, and red toned browns are used to make the room feel cozier and to reflect the pleasant outdoor climate. Or to prevent the room from feeling too stuffy and small, make sure you balance out your warmer colors with a neutral background.

White is a fantastic backdrop color; it gives you a blank canvas to be creative, lightens the room, feels clean, and neutralizes the bold warm colors. It also helps your color accents to stand out and not become lost in a sea of contrast and clashing tones.

If not kept bare, walls are also plastered with a smooth or uneven finish, and painted white to give homeowners that blank canvas.

Wallpaper is rarely used but instead wall coverings and wall art are popular.

Large drapes or fabric artwork are hung in rooms, often depicting elaborate patterns in warm and neutral colors.

Other popular pieces of wall art are landscape images of the vast Spanish countryside, stunning Spanish city architecture, or traditional Spanish images of dancers and bullfighters. Spanish artists such as Picasso and Dali are renowned for their abstract but warming Spanish images.

Because of Spain’s warmer climate, there is little need to insulate homes, so a home’s natural materials are often left exposed. Brick, stone, and even wooden walls are left uncovered to create fantastic feature walls in simple rooms.

If you don’t have this luxury and you require insulation in your home, you can purchase superficial wall cladding for the interior of your home to help you achieve this look.

Natural materialism, such as stone, wood, and metal, are used often throughout Spanish homes and they bring authenticity and simplicity into the home.

Furniture in Spanish home decor is often created from wood, or cast iron, and left simple and minimalistic. Elaborate decoration will usually come into the room as soft furnishings, such as cushions, duvets, and drapes.

This also means that you can update your color palette and decorative items as often as you wish, for little expense and effort, and use your simple furniture as the backbone of the home that will last for decades.

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