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Boho style began life as a fashion clothing trend, but like all good styles it eventually made its way into the mainstream interior design market and boho home decor was born. An abbreviation of ‘bohemian’, boho style began in the pre-Raphaelite era, but came to full fruition from 2000, taking inspiration from music festivals and the ‘hippie’ era of the late 1960s and 1970s. It’s no longer a prominent fashion trend, but interior design trend is still growing and developing as more of us look to make our homes into more informal, relaxing, and positive areas.

Boho home decor should reflect a very carefree, soft, and informal atmosphere. More people are taking North African and Far Eastern inspiration into their homes and providing floor cushions and low tables for dining and socializing. It’s not the most practical dining solution, but is effective in its style and in its function to create a relaxed and positive dining experience. To create this effortless look, gather lots of cushions of varying sizes, patterns, prints, and textures and lay them out in any shape surrounding low coffee tables with non-matching tableware. The more colors you can bring into this room, will add more fun and depth into your home.

When moving into an older home or one where the previous owner had eclectic or unusual taste, use your initiative to highlight and turn features into any quirky or outstanding features. Unusual shaped doors, fun build and turning features, or even bizarre pieces of furniture can be held onto and transformed into key pieces of your home. Bohemian style is meant to look effortless and simple, and what is more effortless than working with what you already have instead of reworking from scratch? Follow this pattern when selecting your furniture and decor and instead of focusing on a matching set, purchase a few bold pieces that are unusual or simply striking without worrying about the color and texture and how they will complement other parts of the room. If color is very important to you, focus on buying colors that are at opposite ends of the color wheel and will clash boldly.

We’re also getting quite well tuned at turning classic Moroccan interior design into effortless bohemian chic in our own homes. Moroccan style uses rich and bright colored soft furnishings, a mixture of rough and smooth textures, and intricate detailing but by maximizing the clashing of colors and more fabrics, we’re transforming our rooms into exotic, relaxing, and informal spaces to share with friends and family.

Texture is another significant aspect of boho home decor. Varying textures should be encouraged, and the more textures you can bring into your home will amplify the bohemian feeling. Leather, fur, wood, metal, stone, cotton, and even glass make fantastic contrasting textures that bring more depth and interest to the room. When selecting soft furnishings such as throws and drapes, select bold prints that showcase different colors and patterns, and steer clear of plain or inoffensive patterns or geometric patterns. Complex patterns such as paisley are so easily available to buy and source and look fantastic together.

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