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Zebra home decor pays homage to the striking animals that belong to the horse family, but are most well known for their bold black and white stripes. Found in hotter climates, they also have a more exotic and wild reputation that it’s horse and donkey counterparts.

Zebras are very sociable and very dependent on their community and family, and have shown resilience to listening to the demands of others. This makes zebra home decor a great addition to any living or family rooms, especially one where you want to promote a strong and tenacious family unit.

A zebra’s most prominent feature is its iconic black and white stripes, which make zebra home decor a perfect partner for monochrome color palettes. Alternatively, the simple monochrome stripes will stand out against bold, block colors.

Black and white is strictly neutral, so you can be confident that the zebra’s stripes will match any color palette. The print alone is iconic, and can be attributed to a zebra even without the zebra’s form on show.

This can be easier to work with, and has been a popular choice for decades. Zebra print is more often used in soft furnishings, such as rugs and cushions, where the textures is often soft and luxurious.

Zebras are recognized as an endangered species today and so genuine zebra skins are illegal across the world and frowned upon socially. If you’re going to bring zebra stripes into your home, make sure you go faux!

Zebras are seen as resilient compared to horses and donkeys, as they cannot be domesticated after decades of humans attempting to.

Preferring to live in the wild, they are viewed as being understandably wilder and more rebellious; and this will be portrayed in any zebra decor you chose to bring into your home. If you’re the life and soul of the party and a tendency to stand your ground, zebra print could be a great match for your personality to your interior design!

It’s also possible to go a little bit more understated with zebra home decor. The color is iconic, but you can bring zebra style into your home with less contrasts and bold colors.

Zebra decor in natural materials, such as wood and stone, will be instantly recognizable but won’t have the impacting color palette; perfect if you have a strong color palette that you don’t want to unbalance, or you’d like your love of the stunning animals to be abstract and understated.

Smaller decorative items, such as photo frames and vases, can be a great way to bring those iconic stripes into your home. Or if you want to go strongly with bold zebra prints but you’re not sure the boldness will be appreciated by guests, reserve the style for more private rooms of your home, such as bedrooms and en suites, and save the fun for yourself!

Zebras and their stripes are stunning and iconic. How you bring that into your home depends entirely on your personal tastes. Don’t shy away from the bold monochrome of zebra home decor if that’s your personal style, or be put off zebra prints because you prefer understated interior design.

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