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Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

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Are you looking for some great interior design ideas? Ideas can be derived from literally anywhere – from food packaging, music videos, films, cartoons, and of course from more conventional sources such as seeing items of furniture and design concepts in magazines, shops or real-life contexts like friends’ houses, hotels and restaurants. One other place where people find many ideas nowadays is online, through social media and blogs like this one.

An interior is not only meant to be beautifully decorated, but is supposed to create or evoke a mood or feeling, and to reflect the personality of an individual or family living in the home. Before painting and rearranging your furniture, maybe spend some time thinking about your family and how you live. Look through magazines for inspiration and ideas to draw or rooms that appeal to you. Maybe take inspiration from your possessions or your hobbies. The décor of the living room should evoke comfort and good memories.

Interior design ideas are more than just the addition of eye-catching fixtures, fittings and furnishings – you really need to know how to put a room together. Here are some basic principles for you to follow:

  • Focal point: You need to establish the natural focal point of the room (the first thing to meet the eye as soon as you enter a room). This could be a fireplace, a window, or even a built-in bookcase. If you do not have a natural focal-point of the room, try to create one using a dynamic work of art or colored area rug.

  • Furniture: Determining whether your current furniture is right for the room and the impression you want to make. If the pieces that you currently have do not work, or are too big or small for the size of the room, then consider buying new furniture, or alternatively swapping for something else around the house that may be more convenient.

  • Lighting: Lighting should be chosen for the functions of the space, as well as visual appeal. Accent lighting can improve texture and color, and highlight details within a room.

  • Furniture arrangement: Draw your room on planning paper first, with accurate measurements. Next, measure your furniture and put cut-out plans of it onto your floor plan, to see how things can fit in different spaces. Generally, you should try to direct the major furniture pieces in the direction of the pivot point, and keep open a main corridor for access to seats, bookshelves, etc. Strive to achieve a balance between tall and short pieces of furniture – this is something that is not easy to represent in your plan, unless you consider color-coding your furniture in the plan according to size.

Enjoy using these practical tips for coming up with your own interior design ideas.

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