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Sliding doors are an aesthetically pleasing way to bring lots of natural light into a room; they are also a highly efficient way to gain access to an outdoor area. However, as advantageous as sliders are, finding sliding door window treatments that don’t subtract from their usefulness can be quite the challenge. After all, what good are slider treatments that limit the amount of sunlight your room receives or that make it difficult to use the sliding doors? Luckily, there are a plethora of window treatments for sliding doors available.

What works best for you depends on your specific needs and wants. Some tips to remember as you choose the right ones for you:

  1. First, if your sliding glass doors are in the same room with other windows, then be sure to coordinate your window treatments for your sliders with those of the other windows for uniformity in your décor.
  2. Next, it’s always recommended that your window treatments operate in the same direction as your sliding glass doors—meaning that those doors open vertically, and so should the window treatments for those sliding doors.
  3. The last tip—sliding doors are usually highly traveled areas; so you’ll want carefully choose window treatments that will stand up over time with daily use of the sliding doors.

There are a multitude of blinds available as sliding door window treatments. Vertical blinds are a popular choice because they offer total control of the light allowed into the room, are easily installed and maintained, and are perfect for sliding doors. Sliding panels are another viable choice for sliding doors because of their workability with large areas of glass, due to their panel track—it works perfectly sliding glass doors. Vertical cellular shades provide loads of energy efficiency for rooms with large amounts of glass, such as sliding glass doors. The best part is that all these types of blinds are available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and materials.

Floor length curtain panels are another intriguing choice for sliding door window treatments because they are really easy to install; plus, they can add style and drama to the room, while providing light control and easy access to the doors without much fuss. If you’ve ever been to the window treatment section of a department store, you’ve seen that curtain panels come in a virtually limitless styles, patterns, and colors. You can even dress up the panels with a coordinating decorative valance that sits over the main curtain rod. Another really solid option for sliding doors is plantation shutters. With a track much like that of the sliding doors, there are some types of shutters slide open and closed; others have hinges enabling them to slide open and shut.

For light control, plantation shutters can come with wide or narrow louvers at your request, which rotate from the closed to open position to allow in as much light as you wish. With all these choices, you will definitely find a window treatment for your sliding doors that fits your needs, style, and budget.

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