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Every girl dreams of sleeping in a soft and magical canopy bed. If you are wishing for one too but just can’t afford to buy a new bed, then these whimsical ideas are made just for you.

Use a circular metal frame to become the frame for your canopy. Hang this round frame using chains in the ceiling in the middle of your bed. The frame should be about 6 feet from the bed surface which gives plenty of room to construct the canopy. To create a soft and whimsical effect, hang a sheer curtain from this frame and let the curtain fall along the sides of the bed. You can use drapes or other types of fabric to create a more dramatic effect. You may gather the ends of the curtain and place these on the head and on the foot of the bed when the canopy is not in use.

Instead of hanging the curtains from the ceiling using a circular frame, use a wrought iron semi- circular frame instead. Hang this piece of iron on the top of the head of the bed and from this semi-circular frame, arrange your sheer curtain or polyester curtains so that these dramatically hangs from the frame to the head of your bed. This canopy will not cover the entire bed but will create a dreamy ambiance on the head of your bed creating a canopy-like design.

What is a minimalist canopy bed design? This clean and seamless design is ideal for modern bedrooms. The canopy is made of a huge tapestry that hangs loosely on top of the bed using two wooden poles. Large tassels decorate the ends of the poles for a little Moroccan accent.

Adding four poles to your bed may not be that expensive and it would even cost you nothing if you rummage in your garage for things that you can reuse. You may also purchase DIY canopy bed projects and these cost also a fraction of the price of buying a new bed. The fabric that you can use as a canopy is also something that you need to consider. Surely the most common fabric in your mind is sheer curtains but you can use thicker and colorful fabrics too. Do not be afraid to play with color. You may also use two types of fabric at a time to create a fun and textured canopy effect.

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