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What is it about coastal home décor that has everyone looking for tips about it? Coastal home decorating is basically bringing the beach, coastal life and marine life inside your home or incorporating these themes in your home décor. If you love the ocean so much or you have recently spent time at sea and could not part with your endearing memories then coastal living décor may be the best decorating theme for you.

So what are the main concepts when it comes to coastal décor? For one, furniture pieces are clean, seamless and are found in two colors: blue and white. A nautical theme is similar to coastal home décor however this style is more than a rusty anchor or a miniature sailboat. Furniture pieces may also be distressed and aged to create a coastal beach motif too. Some pieces such as ottomans, side tables, back tables, armoires and dining sets are also distressed which basically complements every item in your home.

Accessories used for coastal decorating could be anything with a marine or beach flair. Thus pillows, vases, cabinet décor and baskets are all over the place and have the slightest accents pertaining to the beach or coast. You can also find these accents on fabrics such as tablecloths, chair covers, curtains, drapes and sofa covers.

Wall color is definitely important in coastal designs. You can actually pick from a few colors but try to maintain a wonderful color on your main wall. You can choose from blue and all its wonderful shades, white, black, brown and green plus all its interesting shades. Wooden cabinets will pop out when painted in blue or green while window and door frames will look great in brown, blue and green.

Lighting is an essential part of coastal décor. Aside from a classic chandelier that hangs from the middle of the room, you should also consider spot lighting on essential pieces and accents in your coastal home such as a picture frame, a model sailboat or a cabinet of books. Lamp shades with shades with a nautical flair could be placed on each side of a sofa while pendant lighting would work great on an armchair.

A coastal home décor theme is a wonderful and colorful theme to use for your home. Even if you live miles from the beach or any body of water, you can always wake up to your own paradise with this creative nautical theme.

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