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Are you looking for some great contemporary home décor ideas for your home? Contemporary décor is all about the use of wide and inviting sofas, strategic lighting, low center tables and sometimes even a minimalistic design. Thus, a contemporary living room has clean lines, white to light colored walls and ceilings and an airy atmosphere that relaxes. Here are great ideas to check out.

The use of modern furniture pieces such as L-shaped sofas, clean low lying center tables, modern and sleek storage spaces and spot lighting are just some of the basic things that you will find in a contemporary room. Take note that most furniture pieces have the same color scheme as the wall which is mostly white, gray, black and brownish tones. Shelving and cabinetry also have a minimalistic design and mostly you can find pieces that have multiple purposes as well; cabinets transform into seats and places where lighting may be placed to illuminate certain areas of the room.

Modern audio and video equipment are also found in contemporary rooms and the design of the room does not evolve around the television set but rather these are incorporated into the different aspects of the room. Speaker systems are hidden from view while obvious home theatre units and receivers blend with existing décor.

Lighting is an important part of contemporary home décor. You can find matching tall lamps in white shades on each sides of the sofa while you may also see pendant lighting that illuminates the middle part of the room but at the same time spot lighting is on corners that need focus lighting. There are living rooms with recessed ceilings along the sides and these areas make convenient places to put lighting fixtures which accent the items that are found along the walls.

One thing about contemporary home décor is that you can find clean and seamless designs almost everywhere across the room. Everything seems to be in place no matter how small or how large a room is. Rugs have natural colors that do not overpower all the other accents and décor in the room. Even the pillow cases, accessories found on the shelves and mantel seem to blend in. nothing is out of place; you can therefore concluded that if you want a contemporary feel in your home, you need to plan every last detail to ensure a harmonious home décor style.

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