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Here are some cool basement ideas to make the most of this large area of your home. Whether you are thinking of a creative basement project or constructing a new basement room, these great ideas will make surely transform your basement into a fun and delightful place to hang out in.

Boys will love to have their own game room downstairs but this is no ordinary game room! This basement is not just filled with the most thrilling video games but also has climbing areas, race tracks for matchbox cars, air hockey tables and their very own bowling alley! This cool plan could be too over the top but it is a guarantee that they will never leave to go anywhere else for a great time!

Another treat for boys – video gaming or online multi-player games are a huge hit and why not play any other game when you can challenge your friends in your very own computer station! Set up multiple computer stations along with comfortable seating and cool lighting for this totally cool basement idea. You should never forget your computer hardware that you will use for your gaming needs and an efficient back up system in case of a power failure. When you are done preparing for your basement gaming station, it’s time to invite your friends over for non-stop gaming!

Girls on the other hand will love to stay in the basement for a day of pampering in their own basement spa. Transform your basement into a relaxing and enchanting place where you can have private massages, manicures and pedicures, foot spas and even salon treatments! Create the ultimate salon experience with the right furniture pieces such as reclining chairs, lounges, massage tables, lamps and shelves where you can place items that you need in your home salon/spa.

Girls will also love a home gym where they could train at home. Definitely a cool basement idea that will not just be fun but convenient too! You will need large mirrors, training equipment, weights, locker areas and exercise equipment. You can invite friends over to train with you or have activities like aerobics, yoga sessions, dancing or kickboxing. Make this room an inspiring area that can help you reduce weight and follow your fitness goals.

There are more cool ideas for basement renovations that you could follow; all it takes is imagination, patience and time to complete these wonderful projects!

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