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Cool Home Bar Decor

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Are you looking for some cool home décor ideas? Everyone wants to have totally cool home but what is cool exactly when it comes to dressing up your abode? The first quarter of the year is over and spring is here, cool home trends are finally here for homeowners to enjoy:

Salt water aquariums in your living room are one of the coolest home décor ideas to add to your home! Think about a large fish tank shaped according to your specifications. You can find tanks according to your type of design; how about a wall to wall tank, or a see through tank from the living room to the other room or how about a special kind of tank like a jukebox tank or a cylindrical tank? Having a salt water aquarium does not just make your room beautiful but will also make you appreciate creatures under the sea more.

Another cool home décor idea for your home is adding natural elements in. Aside from placing garden plants inside your home, other natural elements will also work perfectly with your indoor design. Wooden seats, driftwood furniture, water fountains, fire pits and beautiful blooms will absolutely make your home a cool and inviting place.

Having kids at home is fun yet very hectic for parents. Sometimes play time is not enough indoors; kids would naturally want to do something else besides watching television and playing computer games. Therefore a cool home design could be an active playroom design which consists of walls to climb on and cool active things to do. Place a telescope in an open window so kid could watch the stars in the evening! Build a real-life ant farm on a wall in your living room or how about creating elevated walking paths for your cat? These cool and neat ideas will definitely inspire any homeowner with kids.

Still another cool idea is to use a musical theme for your living room. Having family members and kids that love music will help with this project. Your living room could become a home orchestra which includes all the wonderful musical instruments that your family plays. A grand piano perhaps or how about a harp, guitar, violin or drums could be on display? Your room could have a makeshift stage complete with lighting and sound system. Provide seating for a particular number of audience members as well as decorate the room with posters, décor and materials related to music. This will be a super cool home decor that is a perfect DIY weekend project.

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