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If you love animals then you will absolutely fall in love with elephant home décor. Elephants are astounding creatures! The African elephant is considered the largest land animal in the world while the elephant tusks are considered one of the most valuable sources of ivory used in making jewelry and all kinds of expensive ornaments. There are so many kinds of elephant décor that you can display in your home. These are not necessarily made of ivory but are very intricate and utterly amazing nonetheless!

A ceramic elephant side table makes a wonderful start. This is a large piece that depicts a beautiful Asian elephant with a tapestry at the back. The top of this ceramic piece is flat where you can place all sorts of items and since it is meant to be a side table, you can place books, a small lamp as well as small ornaments.  Get one ceramic elephant for each side of your living room sofa.

Now we go to a ceramic elephant that is big enough to hold a round glass top to become a living room center table. This ceramic elephant is available in different designs but the most popular is a mother elephant with a baby by its side. Elephants have a matriarchal society and they are led by the eldest female. Female elephants travel in groups with their young in their midst. Therefore you will definitely find a lot of elephant home décor with a mom and child combination.

A huge number of elephant decorations are antique pieces and are therefore priceless. From small to huge decorative pieces, you can find elephant ornaments in gold, brass, wood, ivory, copper and even marble statues. Some are so valuable that they are fitted with all sorts of valuable stones and metals. You can also find carvings of elephants in different sizes and these are also very valuable as well.

Elephants are huge but they could also be adorable too. There are cute elephant home decor ideas such as a trio of elephants made of jade which depicts a hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil design. Still there are cute figurines of elephants too such as an elephant with a welcome sign, a playful baby elephant with a butterfly on its trunk and of course the most popular elephant of all; Dumbo. There are a lot of cute elephant décor for nurseries and playrooms too.

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