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Home Fall Decorating Ideas

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Planning for your fall home décor this early means that you really love this fantastic season! Autumn is basically the season when there is not enough sunlight and the air gets colder and colder. This season is highly celebrated since there are so many art and craft designs to choose from. And to brighten up your fall décor once more, here are a few amazing tips.

Let pumpkins big and small decorate your home. First, harvest pumpkins and choose the ones with a smooth and seamless body and so it goes with other pumpkins. Clean these and then wipe these dry. You may dole out the inside of a pumpkin to work as a candleholder or a plump vase. Place a lighted tea candle inside your mini pumpkins while the larger one gets to become a large vase for your wild flowers. Scatter these guys across the living room; place these on the mantel, on the center table and on your dining table.

Make a colorful garland of fresh flowers, grass, corn husks and dried leaves. Prepare these items on a table and carefully shape twigs to form a circle. This will be your skeleton for your garland/wreath; carefully add flowers, fruits, dried leaves and husks all around till you make a beautiful garland. Hang this over your door or on your mantel. You may also place it on a large circular table and place candles of different shapes, colors and size. This is a perfect fall home décor centerpiece for any kind of home.

Take a large platter and fill this with all kinds of fruits and veggies from your yard. If you have a garden then this idea would be great. Simply scatter produce of every size, color and shape and be sure to sprinkle a few along the sides of the platter. This is a great table centerpiece for your living room and dining room area.

Use empty tall wine bottles as candlesticks and place these on your mantel or along a long formal dining room table. These wine bottles should be filled with heavy items such as sand, marbles or beads. If you have time, make small candlesticks using drinking glasses of different sizes and shapes. Aside from the candle inside the glass, place a few fall ornaments such as dried leaves, berries, small flowers and so on. These will make excellent fall home décor and room accents.

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