Cool Basement Remodeling Ideas

Basement Remodel Ideas

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Are you looking for great basement remodeling ideas? If you are then read on! The ideas presented here are the best; you may think that some are too overboard or may be too costly to do but it does not hurt to dream right? So without further ado, here are some of the coolest ideas for basement remodeling.

Transform your basement into your own private home office. Your basement is going to be your “me” room where you can place your computer, office furniture, office appliances, bookcases, television and your own phone unit. This is a perfect idea for people working at home and those that bring their work home such as architects, engineers, computer technicians, designers and writers. You can make the basement any kind of office room you want but don’t forget, waterproof every inch of your basement if you plan to have electronic devices and furniture where you will store your files.

Create a home theatre room. Your basement will be every neighbor’s envy! You can watch movies in your own private theatre complete with flat screen television, projector or home theatre system, speaker systems, lighting systems, theatre seats, a private bar and wall to wall carpeting. You can hold movie time with your family, watch home videos or simply enjoy a basketball game in wide screen.

Creating your very own game room one of the most popular basement remodeling ideas. Your kids will love to spend a lot of time here when they learn that you will be having a pool table, ping pong table, video game machines, video game consoles or even your own bowling alley! But why stop there? If you have a huge basement then you could add a spa room for the girls to enjoy. Place a foot spa seat and equipment, a massage table and some cabinets to store all the spa supplies. Place a small fountain or water feature in the room for a relaxing atmosphere.

One of the most popular basement remodeling ideas for teens is using this room for band practice. If you play any kind of musical instrument then you could start a band and practice in your own music studio. The trick is the room should be sound-proofed, while the sound systems and video systems should be improved.  The room could become a mini stage; create a makeshift stage and then place seats in the room where audience could sit. Lighting is also a must if you want to create that stage effect.

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