Have Fun in the Sun With These Tropical Home Décor Ideas

Tropical Fish Home Decor

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Have fun with a tropical home décor theme. A tropical theme is all about using a tropical island paradise as inspiration. It is a widely used theme that makes any room relaxing, fun and stylish. It takes the following items to decorate any home and turn it into a tropical paradise:

Wall color could be any color that creates a tropical ambiance. From lush green to represent green leaves, red and orange for the many species of flowers and blooms, yellow for the bright sunshine and earth tones for the sand. Blue is another popular color and is often used to depict the ocean waves and the wide blue sky.

Furniture pieces could be rustic and native or modern pieces, thus you can find beautiful rattan armchairs and sofas as well as huge fabric chairs. These tropical furniture pieces may be covered with fabric and loaded with throw pillows of different sizes and shapes. Dining tables are made of wood and glass while coffee tables are low and versatile.

Using plants and blooms inside the home is a natural part of tropical home décor. There are so many amazing plants that could be brought inside. Plants such as small palm trees, ferns, orchids and fortune plants are just some of the most popular varieties that could survive indoors for short periods. You may also choose hanging plants and place these in the corners while other plants are kept in pots and planters and may be scattered around the room.

Lighting is important in a tropical-inspired room and it is evident that natural light is more preferred in this theme. Homeowners blessed with large patio doors should bare them to allow natural light and wind to come inside the home. Other great lighting elements include chandelier lighting for the living room and the dining areas, pendant lighting for the corners of the room and spot lighting for intricate pieces that you wish to display. If you want to create a romantic tropical theme, use candlelight placed in the strategic points of your room such as the dining area, the living room center table, on the staircase, on the mantel, along the fireplace and in various levels of your living room bookshelf. You will definitely love how relaxing, cool and stylish your room or home will become with tropical home décor.

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