15+ Fun and Funky Home Decor Tips

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So you’re looking for fun and funky home decor? There is absolutely something interesting and even intriguing about funky décor. If you want to make your room more colorful, more stunning and definitely more interesting then you should try these funky decorating tips.

A great way to add funk in your home is to use interesting wall décor. But of course what’s interesting to you may not be for other people but this is a great way to emphasize your originality and your style. Wall décor could be anything that looks extra special and makes an interesting statement. If you love sports such as tennis, you could use acrylic designs of people playing tennis in different movements. If you are fond of poetry you could use large and colorful wooden words to emphasize your inspiration or words that you have recently found in a book. Wall décor is possibly one of the simplest ways to create a funky room or space in your home; you can set these up in an instant too.

Another funky way to jazz up any room is to use colorful fabric with psychedelic prints. You can instantly find these in fabric shops or you could make your own by using a tie dye technique. Drape these colorful pieces on your sofa, on a brightly- colored armchair or sew fabric to make different colored pillow cases. You may also have these prepared to make curtains, valances or even upholstery fabric for your chairs and sofas.

Funky furniture straight from the 60s and 70s are still on sale today. You may also find pieces from actual stores or from collectors. Pick out the most colorful and the most eccentric furniture pieces. There are a lot to pick from: chunky orange sofas, bright red leather armchairs, a wild green ottoman, an irregularly-shaped coffee table or a blue and green dresser with yellow knobs! There are so many wonderful and interesting pieces to choose from and on top of it all, you cannot go wrong no matter what furniture piece or what color you pick since this is for a funky home décor after all.

Cool accessories will also add to your funky home decor. You also have a wide variety of funky accessories to choose from: picture frames of different shapes and colors, mirrors with irregularly-shaped frames, lamps, clocks and so many more. With funky décor, you will never go wrong as long as you’ve got the funk in you!

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