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Gothic home décor is a type of home décor that incorporates the popular Goth theme or style. There is excellent use of texture, drama and materials in a Goth décor and if you think that this is a style that is too much for you, then see what’s in store when you use this rather unusual home décor style.

For a gothic home decor theme to work, your interiors should be conducive for this theme. For instance, your ceilings should be high, your windows should have a distinct arc and are unusually tall and your wall color is darker than the usual hue. There is also the use of dark-patterned wall paper and draperies which gives the room an edgy ambiance.

Furniture pieces are heavy with canopy beds, tall quilted headboards and large ottomans. There is meticulous use of leather which is evident even in the smallest furniture piece. You can find stools, armchairs and long Johns in rich leather. And if you find wooden pieces, these are creatively carved into gothic pieces as well as in wooden elements of a room such as wooden columns, mantels, bed boards and tables. You will be able to find scary carved pieces but this is not actually the first intention of the homeowner but rather to focus the guests’ attention to these intricate pieces of art.

Lighting may not seem to be a huge deal in a gothic room but these actually make this kind of room more dramatic and stylish. Aside from chandeliers in the middle of the room, wrought iron pieces that could make great candlesticks and candelabras suspended in midair. Candlesticks will also work perfectly on top of fireplace mantels, pianos, center tables and side tables. And more on picking the right lighting accent for gothic home décor. Study the pieces that you want to illuminate or you want to focus on. Choose track lighting to create wonderful shadows or use dramatic fireplace lighting for a terrifying effect!

There are a lot of small items that tie a gothic room together. Aside from dark carpeting and drapes, small accessories such as pillow cases, antique vases and rick paintings all make a room look scarier than usual. Hang paintings of people from the Victorian period or paintings of people that seem to follow you with their gaze anywhere you are in the room. Look for large tapestries and rich antiques. You will never go wrong when you dress up your room in Gothic home decor if you follow these techniques.

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